High School

Passing Exams

A two-hour seminar exploring how best to revise for exams. Offering a practical step-by-step approach for senior secondary school students, this seminar will teach how to create an exam performance mind-set; relax into your ideal learning state; review material and rewrite it into new condensed exam notes; memorise notes using pictures and patterns; and rehearse recall and the ideal on-the-day exam performance. Applying these five steps the moment students sit down at their study desk will transform great preparation into great results. On-going support can be found at: https://www.udemy.com/breakthrough-to-exam-excellence/

Learning to Learn

A 90 minute presentation for junior and middle secondary school students that offers a range of learning and study skills based on five key principles for how the brain learns. These are: Attention, Sensory Input, Solid Effort, Emotion, Time Sequence. When students know this, they can see why studying in certain ways will dramatically improve learning and test-taking performance.

Aiming for Excellence

This 90 minute - two hour presentation for senior secondary school student leaders focuses on personal leadership as a key to get results. The presentation explains how two fundamental principles underpin good leadership - self-efficacy and self-esteem. When students understand these, they can see how to improve them deliberately and use positive, self-directed thinking skills to improve motivation, step out of comfort zones, solve problems and much more.

Psychology of Success

Presented in an interactive and enjoyable way, this unique mix of performance psychology and meta-cognitive knowledge helps junior and middle secondary school students understand that the ideas they form about their abilities are learned over time and that non-consciously they work to maintain the belief level, not the potential level. In order to breakthrough to higher standards academically and in all areas of life), students must learn how their mind and thinking works; how to modify limited beliefs that may be holding them back; and how to harness the power of a performance mindset to work towards the success they desire in the year(s) ahead.


Aiming for Excellence


As a teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed the Passing Exams seminar. I sat in with a group of Year 11 students and was able to reflect on the importance of helping our students make best use of their study time. The feedback from our students was very positive. It has helped them believe they can achieve at a higher level along with giving them some excellent tips about how to revise.

Year 11 Dean, St Peters College, Cambridge.