Passing Exams for Dummies 2nd Ed

[Released Oct 2013] ($16.99US / 9.99UK / $A24.95 / NZ$28.99 / $19.99) By Patrick Sherrattt

This practical guide synthesises current meta-cognitve (learning how to learn) knowledge and puts it into an easy step-by-step approach that you can use to enhance your exam results. (Published by Wiley)

Breakthrough to Exam Excellence

[On-line Course on Udemy]. (US$47.00) By Patrick Sherratt

This series of lectures provides a valuable self-paced exam-preparation opportunity. Starting with the free introduction course of how the brain learns and how to keep it switched on, the course provides solutions to all the common exam-preparation related challenges students face.

How to Pass Exams

[Print and ebook]. (NZ and A$62.95) By Patrick Sherratt

This 90 page study-guide offers students, parents and teachers essential tips and techniques for improving exam results. Presented as a five-step approach, this guide gives solutions to all the common challenges students face in the lead-up to exams.